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The One Glass

Why you will love The One Glass

Feel Safe drinking from glass 

 Feel Good with a re-usable cup

Feel Great with so many healthy options made easy

Yes pure joy with your fave drink,
your way, ‘on the go.’

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PLUS . . .

No Worries about glass breakage ‘on the go’  → it’s protected by a strong BPA-free shell!

No Toxins in your drinks → glass is inert

No Latent flavours or odours (like coffee build up in teas or spa waters) → glass is non-porous

It’s easy to clean

Dishwasher safe and comes apart for thorough cleaning. Always keep base on while in use

Care and Use info here.

So many healthy choices

Lots of healthy hydration options are easy and convenient with The One Glass.

Our removable filter makes teas,  fruit infusions, and herbal waters a breeze. It works great as a shaker/blender for matcha tea or supplement/protein powders, too.

The large opening takes ice cubes and its easy for cold brew coffee and teas , or a refreshing fruit infusion with berries, or citrus slices! 

Thermal hot or cold, The One Glass is the perfect way to take a bevvie to the beach or up a forest trail, or on the commute – yes anywhere, anytime.

The One Glass is made for ‘on the go’ with its durable protection and easy carry strap.

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Available in Black and Pearl
Available in Black


Pearl and Bright Green


Deep Green


We’ve been at this for 15 years and NOW…
this is our fresh, new Libre tea glass: The One Glass!

Wendy Weir, Creator and Founder, The One Glass
 Anita and I tea tasting with a real koi pond in the tea table!!

The BACK Story

Since 2008, I’ve been passionate about healthy drinks in glass, and perfecting this unique vessel.

We can really take self-care to a new level with the fresh, clean taste of healthy drinks anytime, anywhere: teas, infusions, or even chillin’ with wine at the beach.

And of course, it’s perfect for coffee, too, as the strong taste rinses clean from the glass.

Listening to customers for over 15 years, our redesigned and updated One Glass (the former  Libre tea glass) has more of what you want.

This new design comes apart, is dishwasher safe, and we’ve added an ‘easy- carry’ strap.

Our double wall, glass and plastic combination with the removable filter is unique in the marketplace.

Originally conceived as a glass for loose leaf tea ‘on the go’ this product soon revealed itself to be so much more versatile. The healthy hydration craze with spa waters and supplement powders makes everyday use of The One Glass unlimited!

We’ve an excellent working relationship with the same factory for 15 years and our Canadian engineer has helped with fine tuning process and equipment. Prior to Covid we were at the factory every 12-24 months.

This unique glass is my passion project and it has accompanied me many places in this world – we love to enjoy peaceful tea moments anytime anywhere. And now, even more peacefully. 🙏

. . . With the The One Glass

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