The One Glass FAQs

Read below for our most frequently asked questions.

💬 Can The One Glass be used for hot and cold drinks?

Yes, the inner glass is good for boiling water as it is borosilicate, like Pyrex®. The One Glass was originally designed for hot loose tea ‘on the go’

Also its great for cold drinks and ice cubes fit easily into the glass.

The One Glass keeps drinks warm for 1 – 2 hours. The specifics will depend upon  a) whether the lid is on or off, b) surrounding external temperatures. The One Glass are double-walled though not vacuum insulated.

💬 Can you use a tea bag in The One Glass?

Yes you can absolutely use with a tea bag.

💬 Can The One Glass go in the dishwasher?

YES!! The inner glass can be removed from the outer plastic sleeve – twist off the base and push glass down through the bottom opening of the clear shell.

Once separated all parts can go in the dishwasher. It can also go in the dishwasher without the separation of the 2 layers though there maybe condensation so best to separate for a thorough wash and clean.

💬 Can The One Glass go in the microwave? Yes BUT…

Almost all parts of The One Glass can go in the microwave BUT NOT the FILTER.

The Filter is metal and will both damage your microwave and be damaged by your microwave.

💬 Will The One Glass break?

The glasses are break resistant and spill resistant. We have had customers reporting drops on kitchen floors and the paved street without breakage. However, like any glass travel mug or other glass product there is always a possibility for breakage especially if dropped on tile or concrete or other hard surfaces. Always use care and common sense.

💬 What if I lose a seal?

Contact your place of purchase for extra seals.

💬 Can the glass be used without the filter?

Yes the lid will fit directly onto the infuser if you choose to omit the filter connector after steeping, or choose to use it for any of your favourite non-tea beverages.

(And now you can buy separate lid/filter pairs so you can mix-and-match colours!)

💬 What type of glass is used in The One Glass?

The One Glass is made from Borosilicate glass – glass that is used in science labs similar to ‘Pyrex’.

“Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature change because it does not expand like ordinary glass. It has a smoother transition between temperatures and can even withstand different temperatures at the same time. That’s why a glass tray with cold casserole leftovers can go straight into a 350-degree oven and does not shatter when dropped into a sink full of cold water.” (referenced from Quorpak – a lab glass manufacturer – it is the same kind of glass used).

💬 Where is The One Glass made?

The One Glass is made in a manufacturing plant in China. We personally visit the plant about every 18 months, though COVID left us with 3 years of no visitations. Our trip there includes a review of manufacturing process quality and working conditions, and to maintain our personal relationships with the people who make our products. We have also had our Vancouver, Canada-based professional engineer  visit the plant in the past to ensure accuracy and precision in the manufacturing process. We will return to the factory in 2024 and look forward to reconnecting with the staff we’ve known for over 15 years!